Shri M.C. Subramanyam Endowment For Annual Free Eye Camps

Public Health Centre is holding Annual Free Eye Camp under an Endowment created in the name of Shri. MC Subrahmanyam, the founder, thanks to the munificent donation made an admirer and close associate of MC.

From the proceeds of the MC Endowment fund and partly from other endowment fund resources, the Health Centre is conducting free eye camps every year, at slums and low income group areas. Those who have refractive error are supplied with free spectacles; Those having cataract or other eye aliments, are brought to our centre in groups for checking up, assessing medical fitness and performing IOL cataract and other surgeries entirely free.

On an average, the centre performs around 100 surgeries and supplies around 350 spectacles, every year, totally free of cost.

Arising out of these 9 camps, we have so far carried out 780 free IOL cataract surgeries and supplied 3,575 free spectacles.

Another Endowment is created in the name of “Velukkudi Govinda Iyengar” and from the proceeds, free dialysis will be done in deserving cases.

Free Treatment
Corpus Endowment – Deserving cases under all disciplines are treated free