Capital Expenditure

All capital expenditure towards land, buildings, furniture, fittings, medical & surgical equipment etc is met out of donations raised by the Public Health Centre.

Running Costs

Running costs like – general administration, salaries, electricity bills, maintenance etc are met by the revenue income in the form of bed charges, fee for services etc. These charges are fixed on a No-Profit/ No-Loss basis, affordable by the people. In deserving cases, the patients are treated free or at concession rates. We also do charitable activities like free medical camps, free Outpatient Consultation,Free medicines etc. As such, the Public Health Centre is NEITHER A COMMERCIAL NOR A PROFIT ORIENTED ORGANIZATION, BUT PURELY A SERVICE MOTIVATED INSTITUTION.

Concessions / Exemptions

The Public Health Centre does not receive any direct subsidy from the State or Central Governments. However, in recognition of the services rendered by the Public Health Centre, the Governments have extended some concessions / exemptions from statutory levies, as follows:

  • Sales-tax exemption for purchase of drugs and scientific equipments
  • Concession for donations to the Public Health Centre under section 80(G) of the Income Tax Act
  • Exemption from stamp duty for property purchase
  • The Chennai Corporation has also granted exemption from Property Tax for the Hospital Complex