Thanks to the idea mooted by Shri. T.T. Krishnamachari, Former Finance Minister of Government of India, when he visited various parts of the city during an election campaign was appalled at the lack of proper roads and medical facilities in West Mambalam area, his suggestion was translated into reality by Shri. M.C. Subrahmanyam.

Shri. M.C. Subrahmanyam, unostentious and possessed of passion and concern for economically weak, with his band of volunteers, institutionalized the concept, starting the Public Health centre in a small thatched shed, with a part-time doctor, on 20th September 1953.

Shri. M.C. Subrahmanyam’s inspiring leadership, the dedicated efforts of the band of volunteers, the munificence of philanthropic donors, devoted and expert attention of the specialists, duty doctors, paramedical, technical and other staff, have enabled the centre to grow into its today’s stature.

From its small and humble beginning, the centre has had a multi-dimensional growth adding one facility/specialty after another, to meet the pressing and ever growing needs of the community in and around West Mambalam. The assets of the Public Health centre in the form of land, buildings, furniture and fittings, electrical and electronic installations, medical and surgical equipments would aggregate to more than Rs.3 crores today.

The lofty ideals, spirit of dedicated and devoted service coupled with integrity and excellence, laid down and practiced by the founder “MC”, permeate every activity of the Public Health Centre, and the tradition set by him is carried on by successive generations of volunteers. The Health Centre is quite sanguine that there will always be an unbroken chain of volunteers to carry forward this noble cause.