Community-Based Health Awareness Programs

The role of Public Health Center is to identify infections and assist the community in disease surveillance to achieve the goals of the program through well-charted strategies. Apart from treating various diseases and conditions, the centre is also responsible for creating health awareness through lectures, seminars, webinars, medical journals and publications.

  • Nandhini – baby food in replacement of tinned foods. Baby food is prepared from indigenous ingredients under W.H.O. formula, in the form of flour as well as biscuits
  • Spastics – detection and growth monitoring
  • Alochana – advisory service for expectant and nursing mothers
  • Dietary and Nutrition advice
  • Propagation of breast feeding – recognized as baby friendly hospital, by UNICEF for insistence of breast feeding.
  • Clinical meetings (for continued medical education)
  • Lectures and Seminars for Medical, Paramedical personnel
  • Library with books and journals on medicine
  • Creche – for Staff children
  • Recognized for patients coming under medical insurances