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Training Special Children

B.V.S.N.Murthy Centre for Special Children is a unit of Public Health and Welfare Society and is solely dedicated for the training and rehabilitation of children and adults in need of special care.
Started under a thatched roof in 1982 and is known today for its quality training with wide range of programs and the positive spirit, attitude and involvement of its team of professionals, staff, volunteers and therapists

Other Services


A Physiotherapist gives physiotherapy to the needy children


Volunteers from KYM (Krishnamacharya Yoga Manthram) visit our center twice a week and conduct group session considering their age, IQ level and ailment 

Preventive Services

Our preventive care service is designed to promote the well-being and equity of all residents in the state. Early detection of disease helps in quick elimination of the disease.

  • Totally free immunization program for all children in OP & IP
  • Blood bank camps
  • Pulse Polio Programs
  • BCG Vaccine for children
  • Rubella vaccination programs
  • Free medical camps (Click here for details)
  • Free Eye camps for poor (Click here for details)
  • Free medical examination of students of nearby schools
  • Master Health Checkup

Community-Based Health Awareness Programs

The role of Public Health Center is to identify infections and assist the community in disease surveillance to achieve the goals of the program through well-charted strategies.

  • Alochana – advisory service for expectant and nursing mothers
  • Dietary and Nutrition advice
  • Propagation of breast feeding – recognized as baby friendly hospital, by UNICEF for insistence of breast feeding.
  • Clinical meetings (for continued medical education)
  • Lectures and Seminars for Medical, Paramedical personnel
  • Library with books and journals on medicine
  • Recognized for patients coming under medical insurances